Why Are We Different?

Smith Custom Woodworking is not your typical cabinet builder. In addition to being a local company, we also build a very unique product. Let us show you what you can expect when you work with Wenatchee’s best custom cabinet and furniture manufacturer.


True craftsmanship is almost totally lost in the world of mass produced cabinets and furniture. We are trying to bring that back. Our attention to detail and focus on total quality sets us apart from the competition. Quality design, quality service and quality construction all create a great project experience for our clients.


Giving you great quality service is what we are all about. We will take the extra time to meet with you at your site and provide a no cost design for your project.

Our design and construction process is superior to any other product you may have seen.  Follow some of the links below to find out why.  Many of our customer also find our products very affordable.  Take a look at our sample kitchen to get an idea of how of pricing compares with what you might have seen elsewhere.  Then contact us to get started today.

How to Build a Better Cabinet

Materials Selection

Finish Process

Value of Custom Cabinets

Component Manufacturing