Getting Started

Remodeling a kitchen, bath or building a new home is an enormous undertaking.  Our goal is to help make the cabinet design, delivery and installation process as simple as possible.  Our process helps to ensure that all your project goals are met and that we are able to stay within your defined budget.

Free Consultation
The process begins when you contact us.  We will schedule a time to meet at your project site to discuss your design options.  If you are working with a designer or general contractor it is helpful if they are able to attend this meeting.  We will also take preliminary measurements and provide you with several samples of our work to aid in the decision process.

Design Phase
After this initial meeting we will begin the design process.  Our state of the art design software allows us to provide you with full color renderings of your project in 3 dimension from any angle.  After completing your design we will schedule a follow up meeting to present you with measured drawings and a detailed bid sheet that outlines the total project cost as well as your selected options.  If you like what we have developed for you we will provide you with a sales contract, verify measurements and give you a project timeline.  Once we receive a down payment we will block out a time in our production schedule to begin your project.

Once design approval and down payment are made we can provide you with a sample door at no cost if we do not already have one in our portfolio.  If you need additional samples they can be made for a minimum cost and are yours to keep upon completion of the project.

We realize that sometimes things don’t go as planned, especially if your project is very complex.  But do not worry, in the event that you need to make a change to your project design or timeline we can do that.  Depending on the change there may be additional costs involved and we will provide you with a full estimate prior to making any changes.

Once your project is ready for delivery we will notify you or your contractor and schedule a delivery date.  We work very hard to ensure that your project is delivered on schedule.

If you choose to have your contractor install your project they will be provided with installation drawings and installation hardware.   Because of our unique construction process very little cutting or fitting is required for installation and most projects can be installed by two people in 8-10 hours.

When you choose us you can be sure that we will be there when you need us because we are local.  We are happy to work with you and can accommodate any design options you require.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.