Design Features

Design features are often the highlight of custom cabinets.  Our cabinets utilize many features to not only improve the visual appeal of your project but improve its function as well.

The biggest difference is in the way we build our cabinets..  To begin with we utilize ”Monolithic Construction” when building all our cabinets.  This means zero wasted space between cabinets and matching grain patterns on adjacent cabinets.  It also means that installation time is reduced 50-60% getting your project done faster.

All box parts are constructed from 3/4″ material.  This ensures a sturdy box and prevents sag and warp that can lead to malfunctioning drawers and doors in the future.

Non-Standard Widths and Depths
We do not force you to stick to standard widths or depths our cabinets are built for your space. Many other “custom” cabinet shops charge an extra fee for this service. With us there is no fee.

Integrated End Panels
Many manufactures simply glue on a panel on side of a exposed end. We build this panel into the cabinet itself then sand it flush with the face. This creates a seamless transition all the way around the box. We can also make the end panel to match your door style adding another level of sophistication to your project.

Under Cabinet Allowances
All standard upper cabinets have a 2 ¼” allowance to accommodate under cabinet lighting or other accessories to enhance the usefulness of your design. This also allows us to place our lower nailing rail outside the cabinet box so it does not reduce inside depth.  This means you are able to store larger plates and platters anywhere in your upper cabinets.

We ARE the Manufacturer
We build 95% of your project in our shop located in Wenatchee, Washington. Many custom shops outsource components such as drawer, doors and even the cabinet box itself. Then they just assemble, and send them out the door. We’re different, we build your project. You can be assured of consistency and quality because we are the manufacturer. As the manufacturer we also have the ability to adjust our process to meet your design and specifications.

We have worked with customers all over North Central Washington including Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Moses Lake and Yakima.  Give us a call today  and one of our expert designers will help you make your dreams a reality.