Finishing Process

The finish defines the quality, style and durability of your project.  We offer over 60 different stock stain colors and 12 special effects including glazing, distressing and crackle.  As well as hundreds of paint selections.  We can also match existing finishes and create special process just for your project.  Take a look below and see the work that goes into creating a beautiful finish.

  1. First we hand sand all surfaces with fine grit sand paper.
  2. Then we fill any cosmetic imperfections and hand sand again.
  3. After that we apply multiple coats of toner to level out the high and low colors in the wood and ensure an even stain color.
  4. Then we apply a hand wiped stain to bring out the detail and beauty of the wood.
  5. Next we apply a sealer to the project to lock in the color.
  6. Then we hand sand the material for a third time to level out any grain and prep for the final finish.
  7. The final finish is applied in two coats and allow to dry to a durable satin sheen.

Contact us to schedule a no cost, in home estimate and get a first hand look at a great finish.