How to Build a Better Cabinet

Better built from the ground up

Our cabinet boxes begin with 3/4″ material in either plywood or high density particle board.  This is twice the typical thickness of what you will find at the ”big box” stores.  This ensures a stronger longer lasting box and helps to keep doors and drawers in alignment for the life of the cabinet.

After the individual boxes are built they are grouped together in runs.  This is what we call “Monolithic Construction”  This process results in zero dead space between adjacent boxes, eliminates tedious joining of boxes on site and ensures tight tolerances and consistent grain patterns.

Then we begin building face frames.  We build ”full access” face frames.  This means that there is no lip at the inside edge of the cabinet to catch debris and obstruct your view.  This combined with the monolithic construction provides as much as 20% more usable space inside the cabinet.

Doors and drawer boxes are then built to your specifications using only architectural grade hardwood and hardwood plywood.  All our doors are finish sanded by hand with very fine sandpaper before beginning a 7 step finishing process that leaves a smooth durable furniture grade finish.

Let our cabinets and furniture be the highlight of your next project.  Take a look at our portfolio and let us know what we can do for you.  Contact us for a no cost estimate.