Material Selection

A great project starts with great materials.

All our materials are hand selected to ensure beauty, quality and consistency.  We use sustainably harvested hardwoods whenever possible. Our design software allows us to minimize waste and conserve natural resources.

You wont find any cardboard here.  All cases are made from 3/4” sheet material.  This is twice as thick as many of our competitors.  Think of all the plates, glasses and other items that your cabinets need to support.  Our quality materials ensure that your cabinets will give you years of great service.

Exterior Options-
The exterior material is what most people think of when deciding on cabinets. We have 10 different hardwood species on hand and over a dozen more available by special order. This is over three times what a typical box store can offer you.

No project is complete without a finish.  Our finishing process brings out the beauty in wood and provides a durable coating for years of wear resistance.

Interior Options-
Interior finishes are what you see when the cabinet is open. Typical cabinet companies offer one or two interior finishes. We have 3 standard interior finish options and over a dozen specialty interior finishes. With this kind of selection we can accommodate anyone’s preference.

Give Wenatchee’s best custom cabinet and furniture manufacture a chance to work on your next project.  With every project we provide scale drawings and 3D rendering to give you an idea of what your completed project will look like.  With customers all over North Central Washington you can count on our experience to bring you project to life.